Starting on a slippery surface – avoid these mistakes!
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Starting on a slippery surface – avoid these mistakes!

Snow, ice, mud or heavy rain cause a sharp reduction in the grip of the wheels on the road. What do you need to know to cope even in the most difficult situation?

Passing the driving test is not the same as knowing how to drive. In fact, only by driving miles without an instructor we begin the real learning, which can be fraught with many difficulties and challenges. One of the problems may be seemingly simple, but in practice causing many difficulties, namely starting on a slippery surface.

The key is to stay calm

Starting from the lights in heavy snow is quite a problem. The gear is engaged, you release the clutch, the engine speed increases, and the car is stationary … this can be a stressful situation, especially when you see that the drivers behind you are already impatient. This is when you must not panic. This is the worst possible way to become discouraged about driving

In the situation described above, we must not allow the force that drives the wheels to exceed the friction between the tire and the road surface. For proper starting in such a situation, it is best not to touch the accelerator pedal at all.

Simply let go of the clutch pedal after engaging the gear and, if necessary, drive for a while on the half clutch. You should then carefully watch what happens to the car and after a few meters try to release the clutch and add gas.

The car has already started, this means that the worst is behind us. If, however, after stepping on the gas the wheels continue to rock, release all the pedals and drive a few more meters (don’t worry, the car won’t stall), then gently and slowly step on the gas. Then gently and slowly add gas. Eventually the wheels will have enough grip, so you can safely go on

A similar rule applies to cars with automatic transmissions. In a car with automatic transmission when starting, just release the brake pedal and drive a few meters, and then gently add gas, so that the acceleration is steady and smooth.

As long as you don’t bury yourself

What to do if you are standing in mud, sand or snow? The worst thing you can do in such a case, is to constantly add gas. Such movement will cause even deeper burial in the pavement and more problems

On sandy ground, when we know that the car does not want to leave, it will be best to “rock” the car. How to do it? Just slowly add gas, so that the car moves gently forward, and then quickly engage reverse gear (or just press the clutch) to do the same in the other direction. By doing this, the car will start to rock more and more on the ground, which, if you’re lucky, will help you out of a slump.

Tires are the most important

Of course, to avoid the aforementioned situations, it’s best to be prepared for any weather conditions. In all of this, the most important element is a good quality tire suited to the conditions. That is why it is so important to replace winter tires and buy good quality rubber. Remember that this is the only part of the vehicle that connects us to the road. If you are going to the mountains, it would be a good idea to take chains with you (sometimes it is even necessary).


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