Motorcycle riding technique – how to improve it?
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Motorcycle riding technique – how to improve it?

It would seem that there is nothing easier than riding a unicycle – after all, each of us has been riding these machines since childhood. Nevertheless, although staying on a motorcycle is not difficult, correct riding technique has few followers and fanatics. What do you need to pay special attention to?

Internal factors

Improving your motorcycle riding technique is very important. Even despite many years of experience behind the wheel, there will always be something to improve. The practical test checks the basic and fundamental motorcycle riding skills. After receiving the certificate from your local WORD, the rest is up to you – including the responsibility for your own mistakes

It would be difficult to cover issues such as sudden changes of direction in emergency situations in detail during an instructional course. We should mainly stick to the rule about avoiding sudden movements. You must have good coordination and body balancing skills

Avoiding sudden movements is connected with smooth driving. The combination of these two techniques reduces the risk of a spectacular soil. However, it is by no means a piece of cake. Smooth riding requires concentration and constant observation of the surroundings – other road users, pedestrians and road and weather conditions. Besides, a well-maintained bike is essential – nothing improves the riding technique of a motorcycle like good brakes, suspension and shock absorbers. What’s more, your tires are an indicator of how your motorcycle will behave in dangerous situations. Be sure to check your tire tread depth and pressure

External factors

Every motorcyclist should pay attention to signs. Painted pedestrian crossings, horizontal signs and streetcar tracks are places where grip is surprisingly low. Therefore, it is not difficult to lose control of the machine in these places. This is extremely important, because in addition to endangering your own health, a momentary loss of control can jeopardize the safety of pedestrians – both adults and children

At every opportunity, it is worth paying attention to the technique of adapting speed to weather conditions. Police statistics are alarming – motorcyclists cause the overwhelming number of accidents in which they are involved. Bravado and overconfidence is the opposite of proper driving technique – also on the track. Common sense above all else

Correct braking

The above advice would be pointless without explaining the correct technique for stopping the motorcycle. Every meter of braking distance is worth its weight in gold. It all starts with anticipating what will happen on the road. Proper anticipation of braking allows you to avoid dangerous situations. Watch for other road users, pedestrians and always be ready to stop your motorcycle. However, this does not mean to make sudden movements – as we wrote earlier, this can only make your situation worse. As with four wheels, proper braking technique begins with engine braking – this has a positive effect on the health of your engine and brake components. When accelerating your motorcycle, remember that pulling the handlebars is much easier than stopping

What should you remember? First and foremost, proper riding technique begins before you jump on your motorcycle. Imagination, anticipation, and focus on other road users, pedestrians, and road conditions are key.


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