The best car to learn to drive – TOP5
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The best car to learn to drive – TOP5

Your first car is a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that this unique vehicle provides you with a positive experience. It’s well known that the immense stress of the driving test is only the beginning of your driving education – now it’s time to get real practical. We’ve selected 5 cars that are perfect for this.

The first four wheels

As many experts, as many philosophies of buying your first car. There is no denying that the budget you are able to allocate for this purpose plays a huge role. This will primarily determine the vintage of your car. However, the car is primarily supposed to perform its primary function – to drive. Remember that the clunkier the car at the beginning of your automotive career, the more you will learn and no car will have secrets from you

What to pay attention to?

Fresh drivers should limit themselves to smaller cars, which are easier to maneuver in a jammed city or when parking. A smaller car means a greater margin for error, which can undoubtedly prove invaluable in case of danger or mechanical damage. For this reason, cars classified as city cars are the ones you should put your money on

Breathtaking acceleration is yet to come. A huge engine in the hands of an inexperienced driver is a danger to both the driver and other road users – the vast majority of traffic incidents are caused by the 18 to 24 age group


Even if you’re on a tight budget, never underestimate your safety. Your first purchase should be equipped with airbags and ABS. Ideally, the car should have both driver and passenger side airbags – after all, driving is a huge responsibility. Also pay particular attention to the condition of the tires and chassis – the brakes are extremely important here, as they indirectly affect your safety behind the wheel


The second extremely important aspect is the economy of your first car – as a person who is just entering adulthood, you probably don’t have enough money for petrol or expensive spare parts. After all, the fuel situation in Poland is not expected to change radically. You should also take into account how common spare parts are for your car. The rule is that the greater their number on the market, the lower the price we can expect.

5 best cars for learning to drive

Here are five models that would be ideal as a first car. The main criterion was a price range that would not be a problem for a young driver

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is the quintessential city car. Contrary to appearances, it is quite a spacious car that will accommodate even those who are unusually tall. What’s more, thanks to its practical reliability and low fuel consumption, it is a very cheap car to maintain. Mica also defends itself in terms of sheet metal. Besides, Nissan’s torsion and small size is appreciated by every owner.

Opel Astra

Astra is an option with full-fledged spaciousness of the cabin and trunk. Due to its low price, it will be ideal for a fresh driver. A definite advantage of this car is also the ubiquity of spare parts that literally flood the market. It will be best if you get Astra in version with gas installation

Peugeot 206

For the beginner will work best in hatchback version. For just a few thousand you can find interesting specimens that are sure to appeal to you. As with the other proposals on our list, Peugeot 206 is characterized by low failure rate.

Seat Arosa

Arosa is extremely agile and even the most difficult maneuvers are not a problem for her. Another advantage is the low costs associated with the operation of this car

Mitsubishi Space Star

A definite favorite and leader of the list is this Japanese. Despite the large engine capacity, this car surprises with its fuel consumption. What’s more, on the market you can find even 20-year-old specimens, which have no traces of rust and are in excellent condition. Space Star is, above all, failure-free and comfortable, which will come in handy when taking your first steps as a new driver.

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