Scooter or a small motorcycle – what to start your adventure with?
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Scooter or a small motorcycle – what to start your adventure with?

Scooter and motorcycle with a small capacity is a great choice for the beginning of the adventure with motorcycles. But for whom a scooter, and for whom its slightly more powerful relative? Find out!

After changing the regulations, Poles are more and more willing to choose a scooter. It is not necessary to have a category A1, A or AM license to drive both a scooter and a motorcycle. All you need is a category B driving license held for three years. Of course, not every motorcycle can be driven. We are talking only about those whose cylinder capacity does not exceed 125 ccm. Motorcycle is a great choice for the city. It is agile, sufficiently fast and in several cases really comfortable. You can get to work much faster than by car. Another advantage of choosing a scooter or motorcycle is, of course, the price. You need to pay only 4 thousand zlotys for a new, fairly good quality scooter. The same is true of a motorcycle with a low displacement.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a scooter?

Many divisions on this issue are contractual. Real motorcyclists would not call a scooter a motorcycle – even though it resembles one to a greater extent. With help comes the Polish law, which clearly indicates that a scooter with a capacity of less than 50 ccm, which does not develop more than 45 km / h, should be called a moped. A motorcycle is anything with a larger capacity. However, the matter gets a bit more complicated because there are scooters with a capacity of 80 ccm, which can reach a speed of 70/80 km/h. However, differences can be seen in the appearance. First of all, in the position of the rider’s legs while riding. On a scooter it is a sitting position with the legs in front. The motorcycle requires a little more involvement from the driver. The scooter has an automatic transmission, while many motorcycles have a mechanical transmission

The advantages of a scooter in the city

  • first of all, it is very agile. Traffic jams can be freely avoided, and park really anywhere,
  • also noteworthy is the platform on which the driver holds his legs. In case of motorcycles it is a bit different, less comfortable,
  • of course, there is a big fuel saving compared to a car. You probably have to pay more for public transport when you only go to work and back,
  • very large selection of models in many colors and versions. For those looking for that particular one, this is an ideal proposition,
  • the scooter is relatively small and light, so women will not have difficulty riding

Disadvantages of a scooter in the city

  • relatively slow, which can cause obstructions on the road for other drivers,
  • is not fully treated by others as a motorcycle,
  • maneuvering it at higher speeds, especially when cornering, can be difficult,
  • a simplified version of the telescopic fork at the front,
  • poor suspension performance,
  • rocker frame with poor stability.

Advantages of a motorcycle in the city

  • faster overcoming of routes,
  • the rider is a full participant in traffic in the eyes of other drivers,
  • more stable than a scooter because of the back frame,
  • made of more durable materials, example – telescopic fork,
  • manual transmission will allow you to get used to a slightly larger machine in the future,
  • the possibility to choose different types of motorcycle – for forest and rough terrain (cross/enduro).

Disadvantages of a motorcycle in the city

  • the manual transmission does not make it easier to start from under the lights,
  • slightly larger and heavier than a scooter,
  • in many models, the fuel consumption is slightly higher than the scooter, but only slightly,
  • lack of trunk and space for shopping or luggage compartment under the driver seat.

Scooter or motorcycle – what to choose?

For the city, a scooter should be a better option for several reasons. First of all, it is more comfortable to drive, it has a lot of extra space for shopping, among other things, and riding in traffic jams or at traffic lights will not be a nuisance. It is a perfect choice for people looking for a means of transport to and from work, who are not thinking about changing to something more powerful. However, it is worth betting on a motorcycle when the 125 is only the first stop in the adventure with motorcycles. You can learn a lot before moving on to a bigger machine (handling, road behavior, cornering, etc.)


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