GPS navigation – is a phone enough?
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GPS navigation – is a phone enough?

Find out if you should choose a GPS navigation or a multitasking smartphone to locate your route while driving. How does the device differ from the Google map on your phone that so many use?

Why do so many drivers choose a smartphone?

One answer is exceedingly simple. After all, each of us has it with us. Since it offers a GPS option, why should we choose an additional device that also costs money and sometimes not much? However, it is worth considering this answer. A perfect example to illustrate this dilemma is a phone and a TV set. Where better to watch the latest series and movies? On the bigger screen, of course, although access to channels and movie platforms is just as easy on a smartphone. Phone multitasking is not always an advantage. It works occasionally, but in the long run it won’t be a good solution. But let’s consider what a portable device offers when it comes to GPS location.

  • availability of free applications – most of us already have a smartphone. Downloading a free application takes just a moment – Google maps, Here We Go or Waze will quite accurately show the shortest route
  • up-to-datenotifications about patrols – the community of smartphone owners passes the test here. Everyone who passes a police patrol can mark this place on Google maps and inform other drivers about it
  • thephone is always with usit may turn out that we will need the location unexpectedly. A navigation device other than a phone is unlikely to be in our pocket
  • high image quality – adequate screen resolution is a big advantage of smartphones. Navigations, especially the cheaper ones, have problems with it
  • multitasking – probably the most important feature, although it is the last point. The smartphone will be used not only for navigation while driving a car, but also for running or cycling.

Features that speak for choosing a GPS navigation

A device that for some time is less and less chosen by drivers. However, it works well during longer routes and in the hands of professionals. Professionals need very accurate data not only about where they are at the moment. GPS navigation allows for much more. Importantly, in recent years, manufacturers of these devices have decided to provide lifetime updates in their productions at no additional cost to the user. In the past, each update was associated with a considerable expense

  • information about speed cameras – accurate data on the location of speed cameras on the roads, not only the main ones. Additionally, lifetime information update and extension of the database with new radars on the routes.
  • avoiding traffic jams – the freeway is not always the fastest choice. GPS navigation will lead us through a detour and allow to avoid traffic jam, it will inform us about it much earlier, giving us time to exit
  • map update – the element mentioned above. Lifetime map updates from the manufacturers of the newest GPS navigation systems. What is important, it is automatic. It is enough for the device to catch Wi-Fi signal.
  • video recorder and reversing camera – by purchasing appropriate accessories we can create a kind of 3-in-1. In addition to navigation it will be a video recorder and a reversing camera. A smartphone will not record the image when you are not in the car.
  • holder and cable included – you do not have to worry about discharging the device as in the case of a smartphone. The power cable is practically always included with the navigation device. Also, after paying extra we can have a stable holder.
  • no problems with coverage – a short section on the route is enough, when a smartphone loses connection with the Internet. Navigation will stop and we will turn into the wrong street. GPS device uses satellites orbiting the earth – the signal will not be lost.

The choice, of course, depends on individual user preferences. Smartphones are pushing GPS navigations out of the market, despite some controversial aspects. Each of us has a phone with us, switching on the appropriate application and setting the route is a task for a few seconds. Why pay extra and bother with GPS navigation? Maybe for higher precision and lifetime map updates with information about radars or traffic jams? However, there is no doubt that a phone is enough for an ordinary road user. Separate devices are left for professionals for whom precision of displayed routes is the most important thing.

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