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The high online visibility of a company provided by a digital marketing strategy agency allows it to reach more people, and one of the factors that can affect SEO is SSL. What does this issue look like for a driving school? Will WooCommerce SEO be a good solution? 

SEO for driving schools – the key to online visibility

The term “SEO” refers to the optimization of a website for search engine requirements – a major component of SEO. Activities included in SEO range from making changes to the source code of the website to preparing high-quality content with an emphasis on relevant keywords. The result of all these activities is displaying a given website on the first position in search results. It is a complex process that requires constant adjustment to changes in algorithms, but effective SEO with the help of a digital marketing strategy agency can bring huge profits. The solutions implemented by the agency for the implementation of the campaign are important. The agency can offer you services such as Etsy SEO optimization or WooCommerce SEO, which works perfectly for most e-commerce businesses.

Positioning, however, importantly, can be divided into two areas:

  • Internal – adjusting the code to be indexed by search engine robots, publishing relevant content;
  • external – mainly acquiring links from other websites.

Part of the first type of positioning is also securing the site, including SSL certificates. To find out more about the processes included in SEO, it is worth visiting the websites of companies operating in this industry, such as

SSL certificate – a guarantee of users’ security

What is an SSL certificate? Does it have any impact on SEO? From a technical point of view, it is primarily a set of algorithms and techniques that are used to increase online security. With SSL compliance, websites can transmit user data without the risk of it being intercepted by third parties. It has also been an important ranking factor for search engine algorithms for some time – without SSL, it will be much harder to achieve a high ranking.

Due to the critical role of personal information on the Internet, an SSL certificate is already considered a standard and basic requirement for website development. It is worth remembering that unsecured information that gets into the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. This is especially true for sites where the most sensitive information is entered, such as addresses, payment details or information from official documents.

How can I check if a website has an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate information is rarely found on the site itself, but there are several ways to check if a site is able to provide adequate data security. For sites built with WooCommerce SEO or those that use Etsy SEO optimization, SSL is a staple and we can be sure to implement it into the site’s operation.  But how can I verify that I can enter sensitive information securely?

  • You will see a closed padlock symbol in your browser’s taskbar. When the padlock is open or missing, it means that the website you are visiting does not have an active SSL certificate.
  • The website is using the correct protocol – the web address starts with “https://” (HTTP Secure) instead of “http://”. 
  • Some browsers may change the color of the address bar to green or otherwise inform you about security. Furthermore, if you do not have an SSL certificate, you will see a message when you access an unsecured site.

Driving school website positioning – SSL is crucial

Many users interested in driving schools choose to search for them online. For this reason, companies providing such services should definitely take care of SEO – it is the best way to reach more customers, and the best way we can do it is by establishing cooperation with a digital marketing strategy agency, which guarantees complete SEO services, and the certificate is only the tip of the iceberg. Even if the content of the site is perfectly prepared, its position may be much lower if there is no SSL certificate. Its presence is also a confirmation for users that they can feel safe on the website. It is also worth remembering that this type of certificate is limited in time – usually they are renewed every year. 

Consider working with an agency and implementing solutions like Etsy SEO optimization and WooCommerce SEO, these are proven methods of building your image and strengthening the effectiveness of your website. With professionals, it will take a while and the results will be permanent. 

main photo: skylarvision/pixabay.com

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  • Jamie Swan 18.08.2022

    SEO is a complex process that may seem too complicated at first. Therefore, it is worth starting from the basics and gradually introducing new activities. First of all, we should find out what on-site, off-site and technical SEO is, and then, based on this knowledge, create an appropriate action plan for your website. In fact, every element on our website can affect Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only of the mentioned installation of SSL certificate, but also other technical SEO elements, such as fixing broken links or identifying crawl errors. These aspects of positioning are often neglected. This is a huge mistake that may result in a lower position in the search results.

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