Tires for long distance – the best performance (comparison of different options)
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Tires for long distance – the best performance (comparison of different options)

Choosing the right tires is not such a simple matter when you have hundreds of miles to drive. Tires should have a number of features that provide comfort and safety while driving. What should be taken into account when choosing tyres for long distance travel?

The more we drive, the more specialised tires we should buy

In a situation where we often go on long journeys, we should bet on the models of tires from the so-called “high end”. Specially designed and tested to optimize the costs of long trips, will give us savings of up to several hundred zloty per year, thanks to the appropriate rolling resistance

For short journeys, we can bet on safe, but slightly less economical medium class summer tires. Their operating costs are slightly higher, but thanks to the lower price of the products we quickly recover this difference

Which tire grip class to choose for long trips?

On long journeys we can encounter various difficult situations. One of them is the sudden collapse of the weather conditions on the route. A characteristic of the right tire for long distance travel is the ability to brake in all situations, even in the wet. So we are faced with a dilemma: class A or class B? The answer is quite clear – it is definitely better to choose A class tires. Why? Longer braking distances, especially on unfamiliar roads and in unfavorable conditions, can be the cause of tragedy, so a shorter braking distance is highly recommended.

Tread design: symmetrical or asymmetrical tires?

When considering the best summer tires for long haul driving, there must be room for an analysis of the pros and cons of the various tread designs. The choice between symmetric and asymmetric tires leads to the conclusion that both have their advantages and are suitable for long haul driving under certain conditions. Each presents slightly different potential benefits to the user:

  • symmetrical tires – their disadvantage is that they will not have as good a grip, especially in severe weather conditions. However, they compensate for their weakness with low rolling resistance – so they are the user’s ally when it comes to reducing travel costs. However, they are recommended mainly for small and light cars for long journeys.
  • asymmetric tires – are great for long distance driving. The tread is designed to effectively and quickly drain water, which is an advantage on slippery surfaces. Their grip is very good, especially on bends. With mid-range and premium tires, you can save on compound wear

The type of compound from which the tyres are made is very important. It is worth paying attention to this parameter in terms of tire wear

What about noise?

A characteristic of long distance tires, often overlooked and underestimated, is the level of noise they produce. It may seem like a secondary issue, and perhaps it is, but the wrong tyres can be a nuisance, not only for the driver and passengers, but also for other road users. The problem will be compounded especially at high speeds developed on the freeway or the expressway. It is therefore worth choosing:

  • high-performance tires – 65 to 66 dB,
  • medium-range tires – up to 68 dB.

Some examples of recommended tires

It is worth pointing out some examples of models in different price ranges. Among the tires that are highly regarded and have a good reputation are:

  • Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse,
  • Michelin Primacy 3,
  • Michelin Primacy 4,
  • Kormoran Impulser B2,
  • Fulda EcoControl HP,
  • Barum Brillantis 2.
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