Off-road motorcycle riding – what should you know to get started?
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Off-road motorcycle riding – what should you know to get started?

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Do you dream of a motorcycle ride in the wilderness full of sand, holes or hills? hills? It is time for you to start your adventure with offroading. It is an exciting part of motorsport, addressed to people who like extreme challenges. How to how to start the adventure with this discipline, which motorcycle will perform best in it and what accessories should an offroad rider have? Let us give you a hint!

What is offroad? It is riding a specially adapted vehicle on unpaved, usually technically technically difficult roads. In a classic definition offroad means driving however, the term has evolved over the years and motorcyclists can also motorcyclists can also use this nomenclature. In their case in their case, however, we more often talk about disciplines such as enduro and motocross

Offroad has several different variations. In some cases, it involves racing on a designated course or achieving the best times on a given lap. It is also increasingly popular for offroad off-road tourism, or off-road driving for recreation and entertainment.

What to keep in mind while off-road riding a motorcycle motorcycle?

Let us start with the fact that in Poland it is forbidden to ride offroad in forests, meadows or private fields. You should not ride a motorcycle there. First contact with this discipline it is best to start on special tracks. There are more than a dozen such tracks in Poland and more are being built all the time. Very popular are for example facilities in Więcbork (Plebanka) or Glazew

Starting the adventure with offroad adventure, you must remember about safety. Pay attention to the appropriate equipment and choice of machine. Beginners should ride smaller smaller, lighter, less powerful motorcycles. Also try to find a track designed for novices, so that the uphills or surface will not cause you problems. Remember to use pads and use common sense approach. Racking your brains and showing off can be very dangerous to your health! Your health!

What kind of motorcycle is best for off-road riding?

Two types of motorcycles are best suited for off-road there are two types of machines. The most popular is motocross. This is motorcycle, which is not allowed for street traffic, because it has no number plates, lights, mirrors. It is lightweight, has a suspension and a lightweight, reinforced frame. In addition is equipped with wide tires with deep tread. It will perform well in off-road conditions, while riding on sand and mud. It also efficiently overcomes holes and hills.

If you are looking for a motorcycle which is suitable both for off-road and asphalt riding, choose an enduro motorcycle enduro type motorcycle. These machines are a bit like motocross bikes. However, they have full lights, silencer, homologation and number plate. They are heavier than crosses and have a more comfortable suspension. This is a great solution especially for first-time off-road enthusiasts

What equipment is good for off-road riding?

For driving on sandy and rough trails, you should have safe and comfortable clothing. What is part of the mandatory equipment?

First of all, you need to provide protection for your head. Special cross helmets are used for this. These are models which are resistant to they protect your head from injury in case of a fall. They differ from they differ from classic helmets mainly in their shape. They have built-in canopy which protects biker from sun or dust. The protruding front protects the jaw in case of a fall. It is well ventilated and gives the skin breathable. What is important, the offroad helmet does not have a windshield. For a helmet of this type helmet you should buy goggles, which will protect your eyes from they protect your eyes from dust or moisture (they have a special seal on the frames) frames)

The second piece of equipment responsible offroad fan is cross clothing. It consists of special pants, sweatshirts and gloves. What are their characteristics? First of all first of all, they are made of very durable materials, resistant to abrasion. They also allow the skin to breathe while riding. They have very strong protectors, which protect the body from injury while riding or in case of a fall. Additionally, they are very comfortable, in no way restricting the movements of the motorcyclist.

Among the elements of obligatory equipment of a motorcyclist moving on off-road roads we must also add boots cross boots. These are high boots made of durable material. They protect the foot they protect foot from underneath (reinforced sole) and stabilize leg, protecting e.g. tibia from breaking. this shoe is made of durable material. Boots for offroad riding do not limit freedom of movement the boots do not limit the freedom of movement, and thanks to the quick fastening system they are very easy to put on and take off easy to put on and take off

Remember that the above elements protect your health and sometimes even your life. Offroad is a high-risk sport, which requires comprehensive protection. If you follow the safety rules listed above and equip yourself with a set of dedicated off-road clothes, you will enjoy your new passion and you will return home safe and sound.

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