Is it worth it to have sensors and cameras on the front of your car?
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Is it worth it to have sensors and cameras on the front of your car?

The market offers quite a few models of cameras that record your driving. Parking sensors are also readily available. Are these solutions useful? Why should you install them in your car?

Many cars have front and/or rear parking sensors installed at the factory. However, older vehicles lack them. In this situation, the only thing left is to purchase and install them yourself. But do you think it makes sense? If you have been driving without them, why should you now rely on this addition?

In what places will the sensors be useful?

No doubt in garages, cramped and often poorly lit parking lots, or on crowded streets. Each of these places requires some effort when maneuvering the vehicle. A less obvious situation when parking sensors come in handy is a fogged-up windshield, such as in winter. That’s when you can’t see the road in front or behind your car, and you want to get close enough to a wall, tree, or other feature next to your parking spot.

What does this involve?

You’re probably wondering, how do parking sensors work? Where do they get information about the distance to the car in front of you? It’s very simple. They use ultrasonic waves to determine the distance. They send out the ultrasounds and wait for them to return. Based on the return time they estimate the distance

This is worth remembering!

Despite the quite high precision in measuring the distance, the sensors can also be wrong. Many times they will not notice an obstacle, especially a small or narrow one, like a road sign on a steel leg.

Despite appearances, sensors should be cared for

It is primarily about removing any dirt from their surface. This could disrupt their operation, resulting in damage to the vehicle. An example would be snow or mud on the sensors.

Cost of parking sensors

The price starts at around 200 PLN. This is the cost of four sensors, or a set. Unfortunately, their quality will leave much to be desired. If you want to be sure about the right choice you should opt for a more expensive solution, preferably within the limits of 700 PLN. Another issue is also whether they are to be sensors only for the front, rear, or maybe both sides of the vehicle. In addition, you should consider whether to choose wireless or wired elements.

Camera in the front of the car – why is it worth it?

Slightly more developed technology than sensors are cameras. Here we also distinguish between those for the rear and front of the vehicle. In the latest cars are standard, in the older ones not necessarily. Is it even necessary to choose a high-end camera for the front of the car? A few things you should remember!

Why a rearview camera for the front?

A rear reversing camera is necessary for obvious reasons. This way, you can park quickly and easily without stressing about damaging your vehicle. Front parking does not require much effort. However, if you have a car with a long bonnet, sometimes it is difficult to estimate the distance between the bumper and the obstacle – a camera will help with this.

For whom a front camera?

It is certainly a choice for you if, despite many hours spent in the vehicle you still cannot determine the length of the bonnet. You have as much trouble parking in front as in the back. You want to make sure you are parking properly – getting to the obstacle without leaving the back of the vehicle too far out into the lane or passing in the parking lot.

The cost of such a camera?

Prices start from as little as several dozen PLN. However, as in the case of sensors, it may not be a reasonable solution. Expenditure of 200-300 PLN can testify to the high quality of the chosen element and you should bet on it.

Sensors and cameras at the front of the car are additional elements – more or less necessary. It all depends on the driver’s experience, the road he drives on or the parking lot where he leaves his car. In crowded cities, however, a sensor or camera can be a good option.


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