What to check before buying a used car?
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What to check before buying a used car?

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Theoretical exam, practical exam, additional driving… The road to obtaining a driving license can be bumpy, and despite all the tribulations with examiners, dying engine and that damned clutch, still one of the biggest challenges for a fresh driver is buying the right car. Doubts and dilemmas only increase when the decision falls on a used car

More and more advertisements turn out to be a dud, when the sellers dishonestly describe the condition of the vehicle. A test drive ends with smoke coming out of the bonnet and you feel like throwing your fresh driver’s license in the garbage can and never getting behind the wheel again? Let us help you put things in perspective.

Double check

If, after hours of browsing ads, one finally catches your eye, it’s not enough to just read it from cover to cover. It’s very important to make a phone call to the owner of the car you’re interested in and ask for details that aren’t listed on the site. Often in this way you will catch inaccuracies and misrepresentations, that is, everything that the seller would prefer to leave to himself. These may be just scratches on the paint, but it happens that unmentioned in the ad are more important and after the purchase will significantly affect the comfort of the vehicle. Often, to get a car you have to go even to the other end of Poland, so it is good to know beforehand about all its advantages and disadvantages

Do not be afraid of mileage!

In contrast to their Western friends, who drive up to 50 thousand kilometers a year, the average Polish driver limits himself to an average of 20 thousand. This is a significant difference, which is why you should pay special attention to the mileage of vehicles imported from abroad. Do not be afraid of cars with 400 thousand on the counter, if their condition is satisfactory and do not cause any technical problems. It is all the more likely that cars with a similar age and a lower number on the meter were probably “rejuvenated” by these hundred or two hundred thousand kilometers. A good way to verify the wear and tear of a car that raises our doubts is to ask the seller for the VIN number. If the owner avoids providing this information, you should think twice about buying.

Diagnostics are essential

Do you have doubts that everything is fine with your newly purchased car? Regular vehicle diagnostics are not only the responsibility of every car owner, but also a guarantee of safety on the road. Before you set off on your first trip, the first station on your way should be a vehicle inspection station in Pilsen is the seat of authorized service VOLVO Trucks, where real professionals will make sure that your car meets all applicable standards. Only proven stations will provide you with fast and professional service and one hundred percent certainty that your purchase was right.

Air quality

The next stop on the road to having a dream car that will last for years to come, is to properly take care of the condition of the air conditioning. Inspection and cleaning should be done on a regular basis, but it is especially worth paying attention to during the summer, when it is constantly on. What condition the air conditioning is in, affects the condition of the air you breathe in the car. This is why it is so important to check the quality of the filters. The chances of mold and mildew growth decrease, and your driving comfort increases significantly. If you experience an unpleasant odor while using the car, the fault is probably uncleaned car air conditioning Lodz will come to your aid, thanks to stores with a wide range of parts and chemicals for refrigeration

Replacement for a better model

So you’re saying that your license is already taken away, and your mom still whines about how you drive his car? Or maybe you have your grandfather’s, uncle’s or dad’s car, but for some reason it doesn’t suit you? Do not worry more about the opinions of more experienced drivers, who have already experienced their own on the road and formed their own habits, often so contrary to what your instructors told you. Skup aut w Kołobrzegu will help you get rid of the problem, while providing the necessary cash injection. Additional funds for the purchase of your dream car will always come in handy – and no one will ever again tell you how to drive his car, because the new car will be one hundred percent yours!

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