What fluids do you need to check regularly in your car?
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What fluids do you need to check regularly in your car?

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Regular servicing of your car is essential for proper operation. It is particularly important to check and possibly replace consumable fluids. We suggest which fluids in the car should be checked regularly.

Regular check and periodic replacement of operating fluids is extremely important for the proper operation of your car. Neglect of these activities may lead to serious failures and is a threat to safety while driving. We suggest which specific fluids should be checked regularly.

Engine oil

It is very important to check and possibly change the engine oil. For safety and to make sure that the car is in good working order, it should be changed every year or after 10-20 thousand kilometers. It is important to use such oil which is recommended by the engine manufacturer, for example choosing from the offer available on the website https://liquimoly.sklep.pl/85-olej-silnikowy-do-samochodu. Pay particular attention to viscosity and quality standards. When it comes to checking the oil level, you should do it once a month. This can be done with a dipstick, where max and min limits are marked

Oil in the gearbox

It is also important to change the oil in the gearbox. This should be done every 40-60,000 km. Very often, however, the oil is not changed at all, but only topped up. However, it is important to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s oil level control intervals in the service.

Brake fluid

Regular inspection and replacement of brake fluid is extremely important for driving safety. This is especially important in the autumn and winter, because brake fluid has hygroscopic properties, so it absorbs moisture from the environment. If there is too much of it, the boiling point of the fluid will significantly decrease. This can lead to boiling of the fluid and significant reduction of braking efficiency. It can also result in corrosion of the brake system components. How can you tell when the fluid needs to be replaced? It is quite simple, because the old fluid changes color from brown-yellow to gray. By default, brake fluid should be changed every two years.


Brake fluid should also be checked and changed regularly. It should be changed if the freezing point is too high. The standard is about 3 years. It is worth performing this operation, because in addition to having cooling properties of the engine, it lubricates elements of the cooling system such as the water pump, and in some cars, additional pumps supporting the flow of fluid. It is also worth remembering to use ready-to-use fluid, not concentrate, because then you will be absolutely sure that its parameters are correct. It is also worth checking the fluid level in the tank once a month, which is especially important in case of considerable frost.

Windshield washer fluid

An important fluid in each car is also a windshield washer fluid. You can distinguish two varieties of it: summer and winter. As the names themselves indicate, you need to replace such fluid in accordance with the season. For example, summer liquid better removes, for example, greasy stains, formed as a result of insects crashing on the glass. It also has a nicer smell, which is important if you usually drive with the windows open.

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