Good equipment and caution – the key to safe motorcycling
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Good equipment and caution – the key to safe motorcycling

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Beginning motorcyclists, in addition to a driver’s license, should also have the right equipment, and its choice should be made with caution. Fitted clothing is a guarantee of riding comfort and safety.

In addition to the equipment, which includes the motorcycle itself or motorcycle tires (which can be purchased at, it is necessary to think about buying a professional helmet, jacket, pants, overalls or boots.


When choosing a helmet, you should consider, among other things

Fullhelmet – will provide the best head and face protection with additional protection at the base of the head. The eye protection will most likely be a visor that can be raised if needed so it doesn’t get in the way. The visor can come in a variety of finishes including light shade, dark shade, color variation or just plain transparent. Protection is best just in this type because it covers everything you need

Half-open helmet – covers the top of the head with a partially shielded side and back. It still provides protection, but does not cover the face in any way. Motorcyclists usually choose another form of eye protection, such as goggles or glasses. This helmet provides the least overall protection of all three due to its limited field of protection.


No matter the weather or how far you plan to ride, a jacket is essential. There are many materials available, from leather to synthetics, that provide excellent protection, style and functionality. It is up to you to decide what to wear. Leather may look great with your rugged cruiser or flashy with a sporty model, but a well-designed synthetic material may be a better fit for your long-distance touring motorcycle. The jacket should fit comfortably, but not too big and bulky.


Pants are an often overlooked accessory because novice motorcyclists think jeans are acceptable riding gear. The right motorcycle pants provide protection from the environment as well as ventilation and protection. Visibility is a key design feature, whether it’s a bright color or a reflective coating.

Just as motorcycle jackets are made of different materials and have different styles, pants complement each other in this regard. Textile, leather, denim and Kevlar are all different materials used in pants and can be used individually or in combination with each other, depending on the style.


Jackets and pants can be purchased separately, but there are other options and features in overalls that may be better for you as a motorcyclist. Overalls are available in one-piece and two-piece sets that provide the same level of protection, ventilation, and choice of materials as a jacket and pants combination

As with pants and jackets, the suit should be comfortable, not too big and not too tight. In addition, it must also provide, as in other cases, good visibility


Boots designed for motorcycles are designed with specific rider characteristics and safety in mind. They are usually above the ankle with built-in protection, increased stiffness to reduce bending, and oil-resistant soles that provide good traction on the ground . One of the most common injuries that can occur while riding a motorcycle is when the foot gets trapped under the motorcycle, and the ankle and shin take the force of the motorcycle fall. Sturdy protective motorcycle boots are the key to protecting your ankle.

The laces on motorcycle boots will usually be on the inside of the boot to prevent tangling on the motorcycle. Outside laces can get caught on the handlebars, footpegs, etc. and prevent the foot from lowering when stopping. All boots with external laces should be able to slide the laces into the boot

In addition to laces, motorcycle boots should have a shift pad designed to be worn on the shift lever, secure buckles (if designed with buckles), and double or triple stitching that is durable enough to survive slipping on the ground.

Motorcycle boots are mostly made of high quality thick leather that provides excellent abrasion resistance. Manufacturers realize that leather does not always breathe well and have started designing textile boots with abrasion-resistant materials that are waterproof and provide good ventilation. They also add replaceable plastic or leather reinforcements in high-wear areas on the toe, shift lever pad, and heels. These can be changed when they wear out instead of buying a new pair of shoes. You may also want to consider investing in shoes with metal toe protectors for extra toe protection. If you choose leather shoes, make sure they are made of treated leather that will not absorb water during a downpour. Soaked wet shoes make for an uncomfortable ride.


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