Is a new car for a novice driver a good option?
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Is a new car for a novice driver a good option?

A car straight from the showroom for a person who has just earned his license? At first it may even sound absurd, but upon further reflection, such a move may actually make a lot of sense.

One of the first thoughts of people who have just passed their driving test is, of course, the desire to stock up on a car, and preferably the car of their dreams. Often, however, a young driver’s financial capabilities effectively limit such a purchase. But what if his parents want to offer him a car straight from the showroom, or he has a budget large enough to afford such a vehicle? Such situations, of course, also happen, but there may be some doubts in the minds of some people.

There is no denying that inexperienced people behind the wheel may make more mistakes and are thus more prone to accidents. In addition, after a few thousand kilometers driven, when such a not-so-savvy driver feels too confident behind the wheel, he may begin to test his limits. We are not saying that this is the rule, but there are undoubtedly such cases – and in no small number. Hence, it is not surprising to fear offering a young driver without much familiarity behind the wheel a car straight from the showroom. The question is, is this fear really justified?

A new car means more safety systems

You can’t pull the wool over your eyes – no assistant or safety system will protect you 100 percent if you don’t rely on your own skills and head. However, we should not forget that very often such software can be extremely helpful and save us from a lot of trouble. New cars are literally packed to the brim with technologies that help keep us safe on the road.

Paradoxically, therefore, a young driver who has had to deal with only basic safety systems during his course can use them judiciously and effectively. After all, if he has learned to drive the harder way, switching to a theoretically easier machine should not cause any problem, but only increase his safety on the road.

A new car means fewer breakdowns. Less breakdowns – more safety

When deciding on a used car, especially some cheaper model worth several thousand zlotys, we must have in the back of our minds the thought that it may have some hidden defects. A young driver may not yet be so adept at noticing them, which in some cases may pose some danger. New cars, on the other hand, do not have any flaws, so driver safety is automatically increased. This is another advantage of offering a young driver a new car.

A new car for a new driver – is it worth it?

From our considerations, it is practically clear that if there is a possibility, it is worth investing in a new car for a young driver. However, do not forget about a few “buts”, for example, the purchase of a vehicle with reasonable power and good safety systems. Such a configuration will be straightforwardly ideal for a freshly minted driver!

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