Small town or metropolis – where better to learn to drive?
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Small town or metropolis – where better to learn to drive?

Learning to drive a car has become a kind of rite of passage into adulthood; undoubtedly, it is an important stage in the life of every person, which is treated by society as a duty. The student is obliged to assimilate a lot of knowledge in the course of learning to drive both theoretical and practical, but in this article we will focus on whether it is better to learn in a small town or a metropolis.


There are many methods of learning to drive. As a rule of thumb, every driving school and instructor has a unique and proven method that they use on a daily basis. The same is true for students, who are very different from each other – one method will work for one person, but will be ineffective for another

Students from a small town are forced to practice on less complicated roads and intersections. Although from time to time they go to bigger cities and gain valuable experience, there’s no denying that the vast majority of time spent honing key skills behind the wheel is wasted on undemanding and lengthy drives from city to metropolis. This results in actual underutilization of the hours provided for learning to drive to a satisfactory degree

A common situation is taking more than one student for similar lessons. As a result, none of them makes full use of the available time. But a small town can offer valuable first experiences behind the wheel, when you are learning the fundamental things.

The most important argument in favor of a metropolitan area for learning to drive, however, is getting used to the test tasks at the place where they will take place. It is due to the fact that in most cases WORDs are located in large cities in the province

First of all a metropolis

From the theoretical point of view, it will be better if the future driver learns in more demanding conditions. This experience will bear fruit not only during the driving test, but above all in everyday use of the vehicle after passing the test

a 30-hour driving course is definitely not enough to polish the skills required for the driving test, fluency and confidence behind the wheel. That is why it is not worth limiting the available time even more and wasting it on lessons outside the city where the exam will be conducted

By far the best solution is to enroll in one of the driving schools in the nearest provincial city, or at least in terms of practice behind the wheel. The rates of instructors are definitely higher than those found in smaller cities, but it is worth paying extra for the opportunity to gain experience in conditions as close as possible to those of the exam.

In addition, larger cities abound in the number of instructors available. You will find that there is a lot of competition between driving schools, which naturally forces them to invest in better vehicles and better qualified instructors. All of this is very helpful for driving students, who can pick and choose the best teachers

It does not work so well in smaller towns, where the choice of a future student is limited to just two or three schools. In some cases, due to the lack of available options, there is a monopolist on the local market, to which all nearby students apply. This can result in pathological situations where the only instructor is an unqualified person who should not be teaching because of controversial methods

In conclusion – by far the best option is to learn behind the wheel. First of all, because of the practice that will bring the best results during the final exam.


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