This is what you need to consider when choosing your first car
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This is what you need to consider when choosing your first car

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Buying your first car is a significant matter that needs to be well thought out. You need to be patient and attentive while doing so. We suggest beginners how best to choose a car for frequent use. Read on if you are also facing such a decision

Choosing the right model and safety issues

In the beginning, you should determine your needs and think about a specific model of car. Many people recommend for beginners those with smaller engine capacity and small dimensions. The car should first of all be in good working order and equipped with necessary elements, such as airbags, ABS or ASR. Power steering and parking sensors may also come in handy, especially if the driver is just starting out. Make sure that the model you choose has readily available spare parts and that it is cheap to maintain. Find out what the replacement costs are for the most common defects for your particular car. You can find many lists on the internet that showcase the best models that will work perfectly as your first car. Be sure to see them before you buy, you may find inspiration there.

After buying a car, it is advisable to do an additional inspection at a mechanic’s to check that everything works as it should. The specialist will also get rid of worn out parts. Then replace them with, for example, new parts for French cars, in the case of Renault, Citroen or Peugeot

Buying a used car – what to look for?

A popular option that young drivers decide on is to buy a used car. This is a good idea, especially if you want to save some money or have a limited budget. With such a transaction, however, you need to be careful not to be cheated and buy the wrong car. Start your search from the Internet, where there are many offers of such cars. They are often put up by individual sellers. If you have any questions, you can contact them and learn about the issues that bother you. It is also worth making an appointment for a telephone conversation. Ask about the exact technical condition of the car and its parameters. Find out if the car was involved in an accident in the past, if it had major defects and how often it was repaired. Avoid cars that are visibly damaged by corrosion.

You can ask someone experienced in this field to help you in your search. This could be a member of your family or a friend who already owns such a mode of transportation. Buying from a dealer or importing a car from abroad, for example from Germany, is also a common option. Remember to find out from the person who is offering the car whether it is possible to take a test drive before you buy it. When you get there, don’t forget to compare the condition of the car in reality to the one in the photo

Purchase costs and necessary paperwork

Usually, young drivers have a limited budget, so they look for a cheaper car model. In addition to the costs associated with the purchase of the car, add the expenses for a possible mechanic. At the beginning, it is worth doing an inspection and basic service, which includes changing the engine oil. Remember that the car should have a valid technical inspection. After buying your first car, you need to insure it and re-register it. Be prepared for the costs of such registration. They are not high, but it is worth remembering about them. When buying a car, you need to draw up a contract with the seller, signed by both parties. Each of them should have its own separate copy

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