The Top Five SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making
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The Top Five SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a difficult subject to master, and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. While an inexperienced marketer may not notice these errors, an expert will almost certainly see them. From keyword stuffing to lack of content promotion, here are the top five mistakes you’re probably making regarding SEO.

Having an unstructured website

While it is important to keep your site as search engine friendly as possible, there is no need to overthink the process. If you have many advertisements and clickable links, don’t worry about them too much because they will not hurt your site. Trying too hard and doing something with your layout that doesn’t make sense can be a serious setback for your site’s ranking. Make sure you have a structure so Google can easily recognize what’s essential on your page.

Ignoring your site speed

A critical component to search engine optimization is site speed. If your site takes too long to load, you can expect a lower ranking in the SERPs for your industry. It’s always important to ensure that no unnecessary scripts are slowing down your site. Google will penalize sites with longer load times and higher bounce rates, so keeping them both low is significant if you want to rank well on Google. Furthermore, loading speed impacts conversion rates; when people click on your website and are taken to an unusable site, they’ll abandon their shopping cart. An SEO company like SEO services Wellington might be able to help you optimize your site’s loading time and get better rankings as a result.

Not having a mobile version of your site

This may seem obvious but not having a mobile site version is a major mistake. Google now ranks mobile-friendly sites as more relevant than sites that are not. This isn’t just good for Google, and it’s also good for your business as more people will be able to visit your site on their phones and become customers. To get a mobile version of your site, you can convert your website to an app or responsive design (this will only need the blog post content).

Using broken links in your site

The main goal of SEO marketing Wellington is to avoid creating bad user experiences for anyone who finds your content through search engines or social media. Most links are not live but may still appear in a search engine index or active links to your site. These broken links will only create a bad user experience. Plus, they won’t boost your rankings with search engines and can sometimes have negative effects. To combat this problem, check your links regularly and remove them from the site when you find one that is no longer working.

Being anonymous on social media

Don’t be anonymous on social media – having a social media presence means you should ensure that you are in control of your brand, not someone else. Social media accounts can be hacked or have otherwise gone haywire, so it’s important to take them seriously. Make sure you have security settings and back up all data regularly. Consider using an email account separate from your email address to communicate with customers through social media. Read up on how you can keep visitors engaged while they’re visiting your site by optimizing titles, descriptions, headings and page content. Stay active! Post updates and interact with followers throughout the day – don’t let marketing dry out!

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