Winter or summer – when is it easier to pass the driving test?
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Winter or summer – when is it easier to pass the driving test?

Wondering when is the best time to take your driving course? Do you want to know if the time of year matters in this case? Every driver-to-be wonders how to make their task easier and increase their chances of passing the test. It’s worth finding out if the time of year and the weather conditions outside have an impact on the exam, and moreover, on the pass rate.

Does the time of year affect the practical test?

Before you can take your theoretical and practical driving test, you need to go through a preparatory course and spend several hours with an instructor. Only then can you take the theory test, followed by the practical test. The theory is usually passed easily by most people. The case is different when it comes to the practical test. Here, the exam consists of three parts. At the beginning, you have to perform one or two tasks assigned by the examiner – indicating the lights, checking the technical condition of the vehicle.

After this, you’ll have to perform one or two tasks on the maneuvering area, such as parking and starting on an incline. Only after this is it possible to drive out into the city. There the examiner will certainly want to check how the student handles intersections, traffic lights, traffic circles, etc. The time of year does not affect the course of the exam, and despite difficult weather conditions, the student will have to pass all steps of the exam.

Road conditions in the summer – what to expect?

According to many drivers and prospective license holders, summer is the ideal time of year to take the course and pass the exam. Road conditions are easier than in winter. The only inconvenience you may experience is rainfall, but it doesn’t seem as scary as icy roads. It is much harder to get into a skid at this time of year, making it easier to maintain control of your vehicle.

Winter road conditions – what do you need to be prepared for?

Winter seems like a very difficult time for drivers and learners. Difficult weather conditions make for a lot more traffic jams on the roads, and it’s easier to have a collision and lose control of your vehicle. However, it is worth noting that it is not an art to learn how to drive in easy conditions. However, if you acquire this skill regardless of whether it is snowing, whether the roads are clear or slippery, then you will be prepared for almost any eventuality.

Bottom line – when is it easier to pass a driving license?

So it’s worth knowing that it’s much easier to pass your driver’s license in the summer. However, those who choose to go through the course and test in the winter season have a little more skill right from the start. It is the winter that is the most difficult season for drivers, so people who learned to drive in the summer, when the snow comes, may be surprised to find that it is more difficult to drive in such conditions. Additionally, you need to focus more on the road because snowfall not only makes your car lose its grip on the ground, but it happens to everyone on the road. So, you need to keep a close eye on what is happening on the road so that you can avoid a collision and perform the maneuver calmly enough to avoid skidding. If you want to learn more during the course, it is advisable to opt for enrolling in it during the winter period.

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