What is a VIN decoder?
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What is a VIN decoder?

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VIN number is a very important part of any car. Through it, you can learn a lot of information about the vehicle. Therefore, before buying a car, it is worth asking the owner for the VIN number – on this basis you will be able to check some very important data of this one particular vehicle

What is a VIN number?

Every car that leaves the factory has a VIN number associated with it. This stands for Vehicle Identification Number, which literally translates to Vehicle Identification Number. It is assigned by the car manufacturer. It is a kind of PESEL of each car.

How can you recognize that you are dealing with a VIN number? It consists of 17 characters. These can be both numbers and letters except for O, I and Q. Why is the VIN number so important? With its help, you can know the history of your car. By using services such as VIN decoder, you can learn a lot of important information about your car. Starting from the make and model, to its actual mileage, accidents, how many times the vehicle has had to be serviced, and whether it is accidentally stolen.

Where to find the VIN number?

This is not a complicated matter. It is stamped on the body or frame of the car. In the case of a passenger car, it will be located on the front bulkhead or on the floor in the interior of the vehicle. Each car must also have its own nameplate. This is also where the VIN number is located. In new cars, manufacturers also place it behind the windshield.

What is a VIN decoder?

The VIN number is very important when buying a car from an unfamiliar seller. It allows you to scan the vehicle in question and possibly avoid buying a stolen car, for example. To read the most important information about the car, you can go to a service center, where a computer specialist will give you the most important parameters, or you can check it yourself. How do you do it? With help comes the VIN decoder.

This is an algorithm that allows you to get to all the necessary information about a particular car. There are many websites where you can find a VIN decoder. Depending on the application, it may give you more or less information. Each algorithm gives a different amount of it. To get a full report on a vehicle, it is best to use a high-quality VIN decoder. You can find such an application, for example, on the website carVertical.pl.

Why is it worth using a VIN decoder?

Using the services of a VIN decoder app is extremely cost-effective. How many times have you bought a used car and not been sure if the vehicle has been serviced or stolen? If it actually was, you could be in a lot of trouble. Thanks to VIN decoder you are able to avoid such situation. The app will show you such information as:

  • model, make, country and date of manufacture, engine power in a given vehicle;
  • vehicle history – previous owners, maintenance history, mileage, number and type of accidents, whether it is stolen;
  • photos of the vehicle in the past – a good application will have archival photos of the car in its database;
  • information about typical defects.

A VIN decoder is a useful tool that will give you access to information that has been factory coded.

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