Automatic or manual – which transmission is better to start with?
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Automatic or manual – which transmission is better to start with?

Which transmission is the right one? Automatic or manual? Each has its pros and cons, and the question of choice can overwhelm many a young driver. We advise on what to pay special attention

It all starts during the course

Driving course is a real test and test of our skills. From the first minutes spent behind the wheel we get to know the manual transmission. Each instructor should make sure that we understand the scheme of its use and cope with its operation before we go on the road. However, if you don’t feel up to it and the stress is eating you up from the inside, you can pass your category B driving license in a car with an automatic transmission. Then we have no choice but to buy a car with such a transmission – this fact is due to the limited powers associated with the test passed in a car with automatic transmission. It should be remembered that passing a driving test in a car with an automatic transmission, we have a license only for this type of transmission. Fortunately, upgrading your privileges later is much easier and less expensive.

Pros and cons of automatic transmission

One of the biggest advantages of an automatic transmission is that we don’t have to constantly press the clutch – this can be a nuisance, especially when we encounter traffic jams on our way. An automatic transmission therefore saves us the trouble of a wearing clutch. It’s also for people who get distracted very quickly and can’t focus on several aspects of driving at one time. The automatic transmission forgives a lot and protects the engine from the mistakes of novices. When going on long trips, it is the automatic transmission that will provide the most comfort and driving pleasure

The downside of a car with an automatic transmission is the high price. All due to the fact that the automatic consists of additional components. For this car may in certain situations consume more fuel, and the same repair is much more expensive than a manual transmission. Before buying a car should also make sure that, if necessary, it is possible to select the gear manually, for example, through buttons located behind the steering wheel. There are situations where putting your hands at the mercy of the system can prove to be treacherous – for example, when going downhill on the mountain ridge, where you need to brake the engine. Automatic transmission can also bother us in winter, when we need much more control to move from an icy parking place.

Pros and cons of manual transmission

Cars with manual transmissions are cheaper and use less fuel. In addition, their repair is cheaper, because they are not as complicated as an automatic. Their additional advantage is also lower weight of the car. The biggest advantage of a manual transmission is the fact that we decide when to change gear and we have full control over it. If we do not control the situation, the car can go out, which is associated with unnecessary stress. There is also a risk of not hitting the right gear, and if this happens to us repeatedly, we will lead to damage to the transmission.

Dual-clutch transmission is the best choice?

You should be interested in cars that have dual-clutch transmission – DSG. This is a combination of mechanical and automatic transmission, which can operate in automatic mode, but also gives the ability to shift gears manually. Such a transmission has two clutches – for even and odd gears. Shifting is based on the flip of one clutch to the other and preselection of gear ratios. To put it simply – when you’re driving in first gear, second gear is already ready to use. Contrary to many myths, such transmissions do not burn a lot of fuel.

What to choose?

The best way to make the right decision will be a test drive. If we are not sure what to choose, trying out both transmissions will give us answers to our questions. The matter is clear, if from the very beginning we learned to drive on automatic and on it also passed the driving license.


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