Occupations needed in the transportation industry
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Occupations needed in the transportation industry

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The transport industry in Poland is developing very dynamically. That is why specialists are needed on the market. There are many professions connected with the TSL industry, but the most popular ones are certainly professional driver, logistician and forwarding agent. Find out the characteristics of these positions

Professional driver

The profession that is certainly most associated with the transportation industry is the professional driver. After all, an industry that relies on transporting goods and people couldn’t exist without someone driving transportation vehicles. Depending on the company and the scope of its activities, professional drivers may receive assignments within a given city, region, province or country, as well as international ones. In addition to transporting goods, what else are the responsibilities of a professional driver? These tasks also include loading and unloading. Often, drivers need additional licenses – such as a forklift truck – to perform all activities more quickly and efficiently. And how do you become a professional driver? First of all you need a driving license – a category B license is not enough. You will also need to pass a theoretical and practical examination for driver’s licenses C and E, as well as a completed course and a passed grade in the initial qualification examination.

Freight Forwarder

Another profession that is closely related to the transport industry is freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is a person who sends and receives shipments. A freight forwarder is also authorized to perform activities such as loading, handling and unloading of goods. In addition, he may also provide information about customs or tariffs. Remember, however, that the freight forwarder does not act as a carrier. The scope of his duties includes the efficient organization of the entire process of transporting goods. Thus, he is an intermediary between the transport company and the client. In addition, he makes sure that the goods are transported properly, because each type of goods can be provided with different transportation, depending on the requirements. To become a freight forwarder, you can opt for a technical school with this profile or choose a post-secondary education and numerous courses. You will find valuable courses related to the transport industry that will fully prepare you for your profession at https://edu.trans.eu/.

Logistics specialist

Last on the list of jobs related to the transportation industry is logistician. This position is somewhat similar to that of a freight forwarder, but you will find many differences. What is the job of a logistician? This position is based on planning and organizing the transportation of specific products or raw materials and delivering them to specific companies. The main tasks of a person employed as a logistician also include the proper planning of the tasks of each employee. This ensures that goods do not overflow the warehouse and are properly liquidated. Additionally, a logistics specialist is responsible for selling goods as quickly as possible. It can be said that his action contributes to the speed of execution of orders, which increases profits for the company. Nowadays it is quite a popular profession, and studies related to logistics are extremely popular. So what skills do you need to develop in this direction? First of all, it is extremely important to be able to plan sensibly and quickly. Human resources management, reasoning and analytical skills are also useful.

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