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Talking to SEO Los Angeles experts and SEO services Austin, we learned this and that about SEO, and more specifically, effective SEO, which involves carrying out a series of specific and strictly selected actions that ultimately lead the website to the top of the search engine results. As a rule, these actions are carried out by SEO audit agency, like the two examples mentioned at the beginning, which, having a large enough pool of the best specialists, including copywriters, programmers and positioners, together work out the best strategy of action for the coming days, weeks, months, and in case of long campaigns even years. One of the basic activities is SEO audit, which for an experienced SEO audit agency, is the first activity performed right after signing the contract or even before it is concluded.

What does an SEO audit of a website include?

SEO audit is a very thorough, detailed and precise analysis of the entire website in terms of its current state and although it seems to be a process that takes a considerable amount of time, the SEO audit agency that conducts them one by one does it extremely dynamically. As a rule, this process is the most important of all because it allows the agency to get a lot of valuable information about the website. The SEO Los Angeles and SEO services Austin teams mention that during an SEO audit, the following are assessed:

  • page speed and its optimization for loading,
  • number and saturation of key phrases and their compatibility with the business profile,
  • URL status,
  • header hierarchy and the state of the content on the page,
  • Technical evaluation of the site,
  • number of errors returned by non-existent sub-pages,
  • presence and position in Google search,
  • UX and UI,
  • sitemap and number of external and internal links,
  • and many, many more.

Checking and thoroughly analyzing all aspects allows positioners to develop a convenient strategy of action in the long and short term. Working without this data is not so much difficult as very expensive. Many agencies consider the audit as the basis for starting the cooperation, so they can ensure effective SEO.

Impact of SEO audit on further actions and strategy planning

While an SEO audit is a way for any interactive agency to learn about its architecture and how to tailor its next steps, not all agencies consider this process to be the most important. Some beginner companies may decide to start cooperation even before getting any data from the source, i.e. from the website itself, which is usually the basis for treating its offer with great uncertainty. The company that wants to undertake activities with an unknown scope of work may end up demanding much larger sums of money for undetermined activities. Sometimes, therefore, the answer to the question of how much SEO costs is quite difficult.

It is definitely a good idea to take advantage of a free SEO audit, available from the interactive agencies we invited to talk about SEO – SEO Los Angeles and SEO services Austin. Such an audit will allow you to evaluate your site and know its health without signing contracts and committing cash, so you can also plan your budget for future SEO.

main photo: Myriam Jessier/unsplash.com

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  • Nick Miller 22.07.2022

    SEO audit is also important because there is no one effective positioning strategy. After a thorough analysis, we should consider which activities give the biggest effect in a given case. Search Engine Optimization offers us a number of options to choose from. We should also clearly define our goal and prepare a marketing plan based on it. When I was positioning my website, I followed these tips, and it allowed me to achieve a high position in search results.

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