How to drive safely in the fall and winter?
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How to drive safely in the fall and winter?

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Safe and sensible driving is something that every driver should keep in mind at all times and in all seasons. However, in the fall and winter, road conditions deteriorate significantly, so it is necessary to increase your caution and attentiveness behind the wheel. We suggest what to pay special attention to.

Rain and snow, slippery icy roads, fog, the general “greyness” of the outdoors which makes road signs and traffic lights poorly visible … all these factors characteristic for autumn and winter do not make safe driving easier and even more difficult. However, we suggest what you should keep in mind to always drive safely, even in autumn and winter

Prepare your car for winter conditions

To drive safely, the first thing you need to do is prepare your car for the colder period. First of all, it is necessary to change the tires from summer to winter. This will improve grip and reduce the risk of skidding. Remember also that coolant and windscreen washer fluid, which work perfectly in spring and summer, can damage your vehicle and make it more difficult to drive in autumn and winter. This is due to the fact that their summer versions become prone to freezing in winter, posing a risk of damaging the tanks and other mechanisms under the hood. In addition, winter windshield washer fluid, thanks to its alcohol content, helps remove frost from your vehicle’s windshield. Therefore, change the fluids as soon as the first frost occurs.

Starting from a standstill

Starting from a standstill can be problematic in the winter, especially when it snows. On snowy and icy surfaces, don’t use the accelerator too much – the snow under your wheels will warm up and melt first, which will probably lock you up. In addition, the wheels may slip and the car may stall. So how do you start off efficiently and safely? Keep throttle down to a minimum, and even try starting with just the clutch. Starting from second gear can also help in a heavily iced-up parking space.

Getting around town

How to drive safely in the city despite snowy, icy or wet streets in autumn and winter? The answer is very simple – carefully and, above all, according to the rules. After all, the most common cause of accidents, especially in the autumn and winter, is irresponsibility and bravado of drivers. So the right number on the meter and smooth driving is the first step to a safe journey. In addition, in the winter you should pay special attention to maintaining a distance from the vehicle in front of you, because the braking distance in the winter and autumn months due to rain and snowfall and frost forming ice, increases significantly

Remember also that heavy use of the accelerator and driving in high gear can cause skidding. Therefore, accelerate your car carefully, maintain a reasonable speed and change gears as quickly as possible. In addition, pay even more attention to other road users, because in autumn and winter limited trust is extremely important. After all, it is difficult to predict the behavior of other drivers. So watch other drivers carefully, as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

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