Friday, December 8, 2023
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Vacations are coming. Most of us are already thinking about going on vacation and basking in the warm rays of the sun. One of the most popular means of transport that we decide to use to get to our holiday destination is a car. How to prepare well for a trip by car to make it safe and without unpleasant surprises? What elements of the car are necessarily worth checking?

A car is a convenient alternative to travel by train or coach. It gives us a sense of independence and the possibility of modifying holiday plans at any time. However, not everyone remembers that a long holiday trip with a heavy load is is not the same as everyday commuting to work or shopping. It is worthwhile to carefully check the condition of your vehicle so that your journey is comfortable and, above all and above all safe.


Not every driver knows that the condition of the tires should be checked before each long journey. Why? Daily use, driving on uneven, potholed and uneven surfaces means that tires often suffer damage that is difficult to difficult to see with the naked eye. In addition to a visual inspection, it is important to check the tire pressure is important. Tire pressure that is too low is directly related to a longer braking distance and therefore and therefore has a negative impact on driving safety.

Efficient brakes guarantee safety

We should remember, when going on vacation we usually travel by car loaded to the to the limit. This puts more strain on the brakes. That is why it is so important to inspect the car to check the thickness of the discs or the check the condition of brake pads. The efficiency of the braking system is not only discs or pads, but also brake fluid. Water content in brake brake fluid is best left to professionals who, if necessary will change the fluid if necessary.

Engine oil and other operating fluids

When you look under the hood, also check the oil level and other operating fluids including coolant. Oil is extremely important for car engine. Not only does it minimize friction between its moving it not only minimizes friction between its moving parts, but also provides adequate protection against corrosion and cooling.

Battery condition

The battery provides electrical power to the starter, so a battery failure can interrupt or even prevent your journey. Therefore, it is worth checking its condition at a good diagnostic station, and when choosing a new battery for your and when choosing a new battery for your car, follow the tips contained in our ranking of batteries

Without whether our holiday destination are hot beaches or high mountains let us remember that the most important thing is safety of both ourselves and other road users

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