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If you are facing a long car journey, you should do everything to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We suggest what should be in the car to make it so.

Car holders

Thanks to them we can be sure that the phone will be in a stable position. It is a useful possibility especially when a driver needs to have a phone in sight. Thanks to this he can safely answer calls or use GPS navigation in his phone. The most common types of car holders are suction cup holders, but you can also buy holders with a telescopic arm, which allows you to position the phone in the right way or gravity holders. These, in turn, ensure the safety of your cell phone even when driving on potholes or during dynamic driving.

Car chargers

It is best to choose them according to the performance of the device. Some phones draw more current, others less. Most often, car power adapters are plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car. Chargers can also perform other functions. The more advanced ones are equipped with a thermometer or a voltmeter or a Bluetooth transmitter, thanks to which you can listen to music from your phone via the car radio. Thanks to the charger you can go on any, even very long car journey, without the risk of being deprived of contact with the world.

Bluetooth headphones and handsfree kits

Answering the phone while driving is a hazard on the road, but there are times when it is necessary. In these situations, a hands-free kit is essential. The most convenient solution is a handsfree set integrated in the car radio. In this case you can hear the other party in the car. However, if you do not have such a radio, it is enough to buy a traditional handsfree set or a Bluetooth headset. All you need to do is connect them with your cell phone.

GPS navigation

Without this accessory we rather do not go on long journeys. Thanks to navigation we can plan the most optimal route and avoid such road sections that for various reasons are jammed. This significantly facilitates reaching the destination, which increases the comfort of driving. An additional gadget can be a car locator, which allows you to determine the exact position of the car on the map.

CB radio

Thanks to this device we can have contact with other drivers. It will allow us to get information about the current situation on the road, as well as any detours, accidents or other difficulties.

Starter cables

A discharged battery is not as rare a problem as it may seem. It is especially troublesome if you are far from home. Battery discharges most often in winter, but it is not a rule. So it is worth equipping your car with starter cables, which will allow to start it in case of discharged battery.

Reserve canister

It is not always possible to fill up with fuel immediately, so it is worth having a reserve fuel canister. This way we can be sure that we will not stand in the middle of the route with an empty tank, even if there are only a dozen or so kilometers to the gas station.

The range of accessories and tools that are useful in car travel is very large. However, it is important to choose only the necessary gadgets, which we use while driving. Too many accessories can be distracting to the driver, and this can prove to be tiring and dangerous.

Main Photo: Sahej Brar/unsplash.com

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