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One of the biggest nightmares of driver candidates is the clutch, which is mandatory in cars with a manual transmission. Hence the question arose about which type of transmission is worth learning to drive on. 

A driver’s license is, for many people, one of the most stressful exams of their lives. More than one driver repeats that it is this exam that he stresses more than, for example, his high school diploma. Where does this fear come from? Among other things, from what disadvantages the manual transmission has, more specifically, the need to operate the clutch.

What are the differences between driving a manual and an automatic?

The biggest difference, of course, is what the left leg does. In cars with an automatic, the left leg simply rests and is never used. 

In cars that use a manual transmission, the left leg works more, as well as the right hand. The lower limb is fully responsible for operating the clutch, and the hand is used at the same time to change the current gear ratio. 

Which transmission is easier to pass the license with?

It is usually easier to pass with an automatic transmission. This is because in such stressful moments the driver candidate does not have to worry about whether he is operating the clutch properly, since his task is mainly to operate the gas, brake and steering wheel. It is therefore much easier to pass in a car with an automatic. 

Which transmission is worth learning on?

Here the matter is no longer so simple. Despite the fact that it is easier to pass in cars with automatic transmission, the lack of skills to drive a car with a manual transmission can one day turn out to be really severe. Therefore, it is much better to learn on a manual. 

Yes, learning to drive on a manual transmission has its disadvantages, as this way the chances of passing the exam decrease. However, you can learn much more and improve your divisibility. On top of that, simply being able to drive a car with a manual transmission may turn out to be necessary at any time, so it is better not to close this gateway at the very start of the driving course.

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