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Many people think about going abroad solely to get their driver’s license. Is this really a good idea?

Does it make sense to get a driving license abroad?

Hours spent on courses or studying with a textbook do not bring any results? Even repeated attempts to take a theoretical or practical test do not result in a positive outcome? For many people the answer to this question is – yes. In desperation, they enter in the search engine, what is the process of obtaining a driver’s license in other countries.

In the society it is more and more often heard that for a driver’s license to go to Ukraine or Egypt. There is no shortage of supporters of the idea that the license to drive a car can also be obtained in India. Theoretically, you can not disagree with them. Once you have fulfilled the most convoluted obligations of presenting the appropriate documentation, you really can pass the driving test in these countries.l

Passing a driving test abroad is not as easy as it may seem

Despite the prevailing belief that passing a driving test abroad, especially in the East, is easy – this is not true. Moreover, if you compare data on different training methods, passing a driving test in Ukraine or Russia is extremely difficult. How is it possible?

Driving license in Ukraine – a piece of cake?

To begin with Ukraine. To take the tests, you need to undergo psychological and toxicological examinations and complete a time-consuming course, which includes as many as 75 hours of theoretical classes and 30 hours of practical classes. You can make three mistakes on the exam itself, the fourth of which results in termination of the test. What is more, if you fail the test 3 times, you have to go through the procedure all over again.

Is passing the driving test in Russia so easy?

Russia, on the other hand, also considered by many to be an excellent destination for a driver’s license, places even more difficult requirements on trainees. Similar to the tests in Ukraine, you need to pass psychological and toxicological tests. To take the exam, you must be present for 130 hours of theoretical classes and 56 hours of practical classes. In addition, the threshold for passing the theoretical exam is 90% and consists of 20 multiple choice questions.

The Chinese alternative, or even more difficult driving tests

Among the absolute top when it comes to the difficulty of the exams are the tests that are taken in China. The theoretical test includes as many as 100 questions, and the pass rate is, attention, 90%. Additionally, the whole thing is made more difficult by the fact that you have only 45 minutes to fill in all the fields. This is a staggeringly short time, considering the enormity of the questions.

If the theoretical exam is so difficult, maybe the practical one is lighter? Nothing of the kind. Practical test can last up to 2 hours. What’s more, after the exam there is an additional dose of questions that need to be answered as many as 50 times. The passing threshold, as in the first stage, is 90%.

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