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While young drivers face the temptation to quickly get behind the wheel of large cars, it’s worth waiting and taking the time available to polish your skills or test your limits in controlled conditions. We advise on which moment to choose to make the switch to a larger vehicle.

Freshly minted driver

It is accepted that future drivers learn to drive behind the wheel of vehicles from the segment of urban cars. They are characterized primarily by their small size and agility, which is extremely useful when navigating tight city streets and parking in compact parking spaces. This makes the experience of young drivers limited to cars that are, to some extent, forgiving of driver mistakes and offer the possibility of immediate correction. This has a direct impact on the safety of all road users

A young driver, after passing the driving test, must first of all get used to the actual conditions of the road. There is a reason why it is accepted that we actually learn to drive after the test, which is designed to test some of the most important driver skills under controlled conditions. When driving alone, we have no additional support in the form of an examiner or instructor – this forces us to be more careful and vigilant on the road. It’s also a time when you can test your abilities and build up your confidence behind the wheel

However, this is a pitfall of sorts; young drivers tend to overestimate their abilities. Arrogance behind the wheel is the worst counsellor – this is confirmed by police statistics, which show an alarming picture of Polish roads. A significant number of incidents and fatal accidents are caused by young drivers who are unable to adjust their speed to road and weather conditions. One of the solutions is an innovative system intended for this group of drivers, controlling the actions of those with little experience behind the wheel and developing positive habits. It is estimated that such systems would significantly reduce the number of accidents on European roads


As you become more experienced behind the wheel, so too do useful skills, confidence and experience, which have a huge influence on how you behave behind the wheel. Equally important is imagination, which allows the driver to anticipate events on the road and, as a result, improve the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users

One of the best ways to drastically improve your skills is to get hired at a local pizzeria as a delivery driver. This will allow you to develop experience and force you to overcome many challenges in traffic

A few months of actively honing your skills behind the wheel is the minimum amount of time to ditch city cars and move into SUVs, or vans that are under 3.5 tons

A solid foundation and experience will pay off in the next stage of life. However, just like getting started behind the wheel after a test, it’s worth taking extra caution not to fall into the trap of relying too much on experience. Especially when driving vans, which have a limited field of vision and more blind spots that can become a direct cause of traffic incidents

Once you’ve gained experience driving vans, there’s nothing stopping you from taking it a step further and trying your hand at dealing with full-fledged vans or buses. It will undoubtedly result in a beautiful adventure.

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