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In the life of every driver, sooner or later there will come a moment when you simply have to go on the highway. In our country, unfortunately, knowledge of how to drive on it correctly is crawling. So what should you watch out for during your first time on the highway?

Expressways such as expressways and highways are a type of road infrastructure that significantly improves driving comfort. For this reason, in our country over the past several years they have developed significantly and allow for fast and safe driving, thanks to which given routes can be covered even twice as fast. 

What to remember when driving on the highway – speed

The most important issue when driving on the highway is speed. The human brain needs some time to adapt to what speed you are traveling at, and for this reason it is better to control it with a speedometer. We are primarily talking about the moment of entering and exiting the highway. After joining the highway, it is a good idea to dynamically accelerate to the highway speed. 

What speed is considered highway speed is often debated. In fact, however, it is the speed that it is safe for all traffic participants to maintain while driving on the highway. Thus, it cannot be too low or too high. It is best to consider the safe speed to be that between 90 km/h and that set by the speed limit, which in most places is 140 km/h. Of course, in the case of dangerous conditions, it is worth slowing down considerably, so that you feel safe and do not risk causing an accident. 

When driving downhill, on the other hand, it is equally important to watch the speedometer. When driving on the highway, our brains get used to high speeds and even slowing down to 70 km/h can make us feel like we are going very slowly. For most exits, however, this speed is far too high. 

Driving on the highway – spacing and driving in the right lane

This is the issue that probably limps Polish drivers the most. Keeping the distance and the right lane unfortunately seem to be a secret knowledge for some. To start, we will take the proper distance under consideration. This one should ideally be about 3 seconds. Some drivers do not care about this and can drive almost on the bumper, which is very risky behavior. 

Sometimes, however, drivers decide to drive on the bumper by the fact that, while moving at a speed near the allowed speed, another car travels in the left lane and very slowly overtakes another car or overtakes completely no one, thereby worsening the flow of traffic. In such a situation, however, the parties should not be excused. It should be remembered, however, that on Poland’s mostly two-lane highways, the right lane is used for driving, and the left lane should be used only when overtaking. 

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