Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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I guess all drivers and would-be drivers know that there is a fine for driving too fast. And is there such a thing as “speeding too slowly” in the law? We check!

At the outset, let us remind you that the speed limit is not a “recommended” speed, but the maximum speed at which you can move in a given place. This variable can be verified, for example, by the influence of weather conditions, or the mood of the driver.

This does not mean, however, that the driver of a vehicle may everywhere may move at a speed of, for example, 20 kilometers per hour. The regulations state that the speed should be adjusted to the conditions and should be as close as possible to the maximum speed as close to the maximum speed as possible.

So if there are no very difficult weather conditions (strong wind, visibility-restricting rain, hail or fog, snow, etc.), then you must not drive too slowly. This impedes the smooth flow of traffic and risks a fine. This rule is particularly important on freeways. While slower driving on a normal road is excusable, driving 50 kilometers per hour on a sunny expressway definitely gets you a fine! It is worth remembering!

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